International Missions

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HOOI (Homeless & Orphans Outreach, Inc.) currently provides the spiritual, physical, emotional, nutritional and educational needs of about 40 boys and 10 girls, in 2 orphanages, located on two different properties in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic.  Each compound includes a Church and a School that serves the neighborhoods in which they are located.  The schools, on double sessions, have 1300 children enrolled.  HOOI is allowed to provide bibles to the students, encourage scripture memorization and the teachers’ model Christian behavior to the children. The love of the Lord is truly seen in the enthusiastic worship and amazing leadership training of these precious children.

Zambia, Africa is the location of the New Life Center, a United Methodist Mission founded by Delbert and Sandy Groves, originally from Casselberry, FL.  Their wide ranging ministries include health; medical; education of children, youth, adults and pastors; retreats; the Holy Spirit Conference; church planning and building;  teaching sewing and banner making; and the amazing PET Ministry.  A PET is a Personal Energy Transportation vehicle.  It is “the Gift of Mobility”, allowing men, women and children affected by polio, land-mine accidents, birth defects or other injuries rendering their legs useless, to get around without depending on others to carry or push them. Link:

Mel & Fran Noah joined One Mission Society in the early 70’s; went to language school to learn Portuguese, and were assigned to Londrina, Brazil.  Their many ministries include teaching and leading groups for men, women, children, youth, college students and all kinds of retreats.   Their main goal has been to establish and run the Londrina Seminary, preparing local pastors to carry the Word out into their world, as well as to handle and run the Seminary themselves.  The Noah’s raised their 3 children in the mission field, and currently are semi-retired, serving 6 months in Brazil, and enjoying their 5 grandchildren in Wilmore, KY the other 6 months. Link:

WYCLIFFE is a mission organization, whose goal is to get the Word of God into the hands of every one of Gods people.  Amazingly, there are still about 180 million people in the world who do not have any Scripture in their language.  Pat & Melinda Edmiston are Wycliffe Missionaries.  From 1982-2005, they raised their children on a remote mission field in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, living with and gaining the love and trust of the Alambak people, who had no written language!  After creating an alphabet, and teaching the people to read what they heard and spoke, they were able to begin translating Scripture into the heart language of the Alambak people.  We can only imagine the impact this has had on these precious people!  Currently, Mel and Pat are working on translations in Nigeria. Link:

A member of our Church, Danielle Jean, has felt a strong call to begin a mission work in an earthquake-ravaged part of Haiti.  She has started COGPOW, a Christian School for children in that area that was so badly damaged.  The name?  It means: “Child of God, Person of Worth!” For more information on COGPOW, please call the church office at 863-983-5269.

Information provided by Sandy Stitt